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Our Unique Approach to Ensuring Your SEO Success

Our SEO Methodology is underpinned by taking a deep-dive into understanding your company’s objectives and unique value propositions, supported by in-depth competitor analysis and market research; and a comprehensive SEO Audit to ensure that we identify the sweet spot for delivering results as quickly as possible.


We gather valuable insights and strategic information to better understand how digital platforms are being leveraged within your organization.


In-depth keyword analysis and competitor benchmarking allows us to uncover the optimal sweet spot for your SEO Strategy.


A comprehensive website audit includes on-page, off-site and advanced technical analysis of your site’s to ensure that your site meets best practice.


Together with a carefully selected keyword strategy, we’ll provide you with the building blocks to achieve sustainable Search Marketing success.

The best search engine optimization companies understand that SEO success is as a result of all digital marketing parts working together to deliver on both the user and our customer’s expectations. With over 20 years’ experience in SEO, digital marketing, website and user experience optimisation; we are proud to say that we employ only the most successful Search Engine Optimisation Performance Marketers in South Africa.

We understand that maintaining top organic search rankings requires ongoing SEO management together with a well-planned integrated digital strategy. We have a track record of achieving outstanding SEO success, not only due to our passion for search marketing; and extensive knowledge of how the Google algorithms work; but largely as a result of our uniquely designed approach to our client’s SEO Strategy.

Our SEO Expertise

Quikefix is an experienced SEO Company (headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa) that brings over 20 years of experience driving increased Google visibility, search traffic and leads through websites in providing SEO Consulting Services to Corporate South Africa, as well as to a number of global multi-national enterprises. We are recognised as one of South Africa’s leading SEO companies, having trained more than 300 SEO Professionals in South Africa, including over 50 of South Africa’s top SEO Agencies and local SEO experts to adhere to Google’s best practice guidelines and achieve optimal SEO results for their own clients.

Affordable SEO Services

Quikefix is a 5-star rated SEO Consultancy and has been voted as one of the Top SEO Companies in South Africa on Clutch having achieved the following review and ratings from our customers:

Quality – 5 Stars
On Schedule – 5 Stars
Recommended – 5 Stars
Cost – 4.5 Stars
“They have such incredible people working at their company that you certainly feel that your website is in good hands.” COO, African Pegmatite.

Quikefix is recognised as one of the oldest SEO agencies in South Africa, established more than 17 years ago. Although headquartered in Johannesburg, the operations have expanded globally and has provided professional SEO services to a number of international companies around the world, including providing advanced SEO consulting services to one of the UK’s top Digital Agencies, working closely with the SEO Agency team on the more complex and technical SEO implementations.

We not only serve large global organisations with complex SEO challenges, but also pride ourselves on having worked closely with small businesses by offering affordable SEO packages and services to suit their unique and individual needs. We offer innovative, international quality SEO services at South Africa’s affordable SEO prices.

Our SEO services include International (Hrelang) implementation and consulting; Local Business SEO; Website SEO Migration planning and consulting; Core Web Vitals, Speed and Website Performance Optimisation Solutions; Complex Technical SEO Consulting and Support as well as SEO Certification Training Courses.

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Our Technical SEOs take care of all the complicated stuff.

Search engines are always changing their algorithms and our SEO analysts are dedicated to remaining up-to-date on the latest search trends and cutting edge technical implementations. In addition to complying with Google’s best practices, our highly qualified SEO Specialists are able to perform a number of advanced SEO techniques to elevate your SEO strategy to the next level.

Quikefix is recognized as one of the most experienced Technical SEO companies in South Africa. For the past 17 years, we have trained many in-house and agency-based Technical SEOs around the world. Our Technical SEO specialists have assisted our many clients in achieving outstanding organic rankings and visibility on Google, not only due to our extensive knowledge of the many benefits and features applied through advanced and complex SEO but largely as a result of our uniquely designed collaborative approach to our client’s overarching Digital Marketing SEO Strategy.

Our Technical SEO Services include implementation and consulting on complex and advanced SEO components such as Information Architecture, Multi-language, and geographical targeting; Location-based SEO, Sitemaps, Canonicalisation, Structured Data Mark-up, Voice Search Optimisation; Website Migration; Core Web Vitals Audit and Consulting; Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and page speed optimization; mobile usability and technical coverage and crawl budget optimization; to mention a few. Our SEO specialists are also experienced in managing complex global enterprise-level SEO as well as small-business SEO services with the highest level of success.

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A deep-dive into your website’s critical SEO ranking factors

The SEO Audit process includes a deep website crawl to extract key data that will be analysed, interpreted and documented in a report outlining any critical issues that might prevent the website from achieving optimal rankings and user engagement. The website audit includes a comprehensive assessment, whereby our SEO testers use various website crawler software and SEO audit tools in conjunction with Search Console – such as Deep Crawl; Screaming Frog; and WebCEO – to conduct in-depth SEO tests including any potential Google coverage, crawl or index issues; on-page HTML & Content analysis; website speed tests; mobile-friendly compliance reviews; keyword analysis; backlink profile checks; robots instructions assessments; sitemap tests; as well as duplicate content and canonicalization checks. During the technical audit we uncover any issues preventing key pages from being indexed and ranked on Google.

Using a variety of data extraction tools, we build up a comprehensive list of backlink data in order to prepare a complete backlink profile of the website. We conduct a detailed link profile and domain authority analysis for the website and its key landing pages with insights on the quality and health of the anchor text profile. We identify areas where the website fails to meet Google best practices in respect to poor, thin or duplicate content, over-optimisation, toxic links or other spam tactics; and search for any direct web-spam violations, potentially hazardous tactics or possible negative SEO targeting by competitors.

Upon completion of the website audit, we provide actionable insights and recommendations that will form the foundation of your SEO Strategy to ensure long-term and sustainable organic search performance success.

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Our Unique Approach to Your SEO Success

Our SEO methodology is underpinned by taking a deep-dive into understanding your company’s objectives and unique value propositions [Discovery], supported by comprehensive competitor and online market analysis [Research] and an in-depth review [Audit] of all of your digital assets to ensure that we identify the sweet spot for delivering optimal [Digital Strategy] results as quickly as possible.

Unlike most SEO Agencies, our intention is not to hook you into long-term outsourced SEO agreements. We believe that by empowering companies with in-house Search Engine Optimization skills to execute the foundational components of your SEO Strategy internally, our SEO Specialists can focus their expertise on the more advanced technical SEO techniques to elevate your SEO performance to achieve even more search engine dominance.

If you see value in owning your SEO assets and resources in-house and would like to learn how to do SEO yourself, then BlueMagnet is the ideal SEO Partner for you. We’ll work with you to formulate a competitive SEO strategy, and then coach you through a guided step-by-step process to becoming a skilled in-house SEO practitioner to ensure that you are able to execute your SEO Strategy internally according to best practice guidelines.

If you already have an in-house SEO team then we would be happy to consult with your developers; content marketers or copywriters to ensure that you achieve the best possible SEO results.

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