Knowing the whole family is protected online is a great feeling—that they’re safe from online scams, inappropriate content, and people stealing or collecting their personal data. But online protection looks a little different for everyone, because everyone goes online a little differently. 
With that, we’re introducing our McAfee+ Family plans, online protection that protects each family member with their own login, all based on their online risks and activities. 
Like so many things in family life, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always do the trick. For example, a movie night with an award-winning film that’s “R” rating may be fine for mom and dad but not for the kids. And music? CoComelon works great for playdates, but not for dinner dates. Yet everyone in the family wants the same thing. To enjoy themselves. It just looks different from person to person.  
The same goes for online protection.  
We all need protection when we go online. Yet different family members may need different kinds of protection depending on their age, interests, and what they do online. So, staying safer calls for a personalized approach, one that’s tailored to the things they do online. 
McAfee+ Family plans offer identity, privacy, and device protection for up to six people so that you know that they’re protected from viruses, fraud, identity theft, and inappropriate content in a way that’s right for them. 

Everyone gets their own identity monitoring and alerts, a VPN for more secure browsing, and unlimited device security. 
Two adults get up to $1M each in identity theft coverage and up to $25k each for ransomware coverage.
Two adults receive credit monitoring and alerts to help protect from identity theft and financial loss, and Personal Data Cleanup to remove their info from data broker sites. 
The parents can set screen time limits so you can set some digital ground rules for your kids. 
And everyone gets their own Protection Score that shows how safe they are and offers suggestions that can make them safer still.  

Why protecting the family calls for a truly personalized approach 
The larger idea that inspired our family plans is this—you should have absolute confidence that everyone you care about has the protection they need.  
That can get a little tricky when you think it through. With the family spending so much time online, it’s tough to know what everyone’s really doing, or if they’re safe while they’re doing it. Add to that all the ways companies track our activities online and the clever phishing tricks hackers use to steal our identity, there’s plenty to be concerned about. Simply put, it’s tough to know if everyone has the right protection in place and ways to take control of their privacy and identity.  
Our family plans make sure they have it, and it can cover any loved one anywhere. That includes family still living at home, but it could also include your aunt two time zones away, the kids away at school, or an elderly mom in the next town. If it’s someone you care about, you can protect them with this plan. Up to six people in total. 
What’s in it for you: a closer look at the benefits of our McAfee+ Family plans  
Protection that’s “just right” for each family member. 

Personalize their protection based on each family member with their own logins and protections and is based on their risks and activities. 
Everyone gets their own Protection Score that spots weak areas and helps shore them up. 
Award-winning antivirus that protects against known and brand-new threats.  

Looks out for the family’s privacy and identity. 

Identity monitoring alerts family members if their personal info like email addresses, phone numbers, and account numbers, is found on the dark web. 
Personal Data Cleanup shows two adults which risky data broker sites are collecting and selling their personal info and helps them remove it. 
Credit monitoring keeps an eye on changes to your credit score, report, and accounts with timely notifications and guidance so you can take action to tackle identity theft. 

Gets life back to normal if identity theft occurs. 

$2M in identity theft coverage supports two adults (up to $1M per adult) if the unexpected happens to them, which covers legal fees, travel, and reimbursement of stolen funds. 
Identity restoration from a licensed pro can help them repair their credit and identity. 
Ransomware protection for two adults—up to $50,000 total (up to $25,000 each adult). 

Keeps your children safe online​. 

Helps keep your children protected from inappropriate content online even when you can’t be right beside them. 
Manage screen time and see their locations so you can help your kids stay safe.​ 
Know that everyone in the family will get alerted if they come across dangerous or risky websites and links. 

Everyone gets the protection they need, in a way that works just for them 
That’s the idea. Everyone gets the right protection they need when they go online. Imagine ordering a pizza where each of the slices has someone’s favorite topping. That’s how our new family plan works. Your children get one set of protections made for them, your parents another, and you yet another. The result is the same, though. You’ll know everyone is safer. Because you set it up.  
I’m happy to share that our McAfee+ Family plans are available now, ready to protect the people who matter most—your people, the way they go online, wherever they are. 
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