A cybersecurity advisory panel in the US is taking steps to enhance national cybersecurity. The panel’s focus will involve a thorough examination of security concerns related to cloud computing.
This comprehensive investigation will encompass the involvement of Microsoft Corp. in the recent breach of US government department email systems, which are believed to have been compromised by hackers with suspected ties to China, a Bloomberg report stated.
The Microsoft hacking incident was reportedly caused by Chinese hackers last month.
Earlier, US Senator Ron Wyden had strongly criticized Microsoft, calling on the US government to hold the tech giant accountable for alleged “careless cybersecurity practices.” These practices, according to Wyden, enabled a successful Chinese espionage campaign targeting the U.S. government.
The hackers “foiled Microsoft’s cloud-based security in hacking the email accounts of officials at multiple US agencies that deal with China ahead of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s trip to Beijing last month,” reported The Hindu. 
Microsoft hacking incident investigated by Cyber Safety Review Board
The Cyber Safety Review Board (CSRB), an instrumental body established under the Biden Administration to probe major cybersecurity incidents, will oversee the Microsoft hacking incident, and the focal point, as reported by Bloomberg, will include the cloud computing hacking as the main subject. 
Like a domino effect, the investigation over the Microsoft hacking incident will also encompass cloud service providers to fortify the digital resilience of the US government.
The case initially began during the Microsoft hacking incident involving Chinese state back hackers, who exploited the email systems of the tech giant where the threat actor managed to exploit one of Microsoft’s cryptographic keys.
To add more trouble to the Microsoft hacking incident, a coding vulnerability further exacerbated the case, causing the hackers to gain access to sensitive email data using the Microsoft cloud email platform.
The repercussions of this Microsoft hacking incident were profound, enabling unauthorized access to the communication channels of key governmental figures in the US.
Among the victims were US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and senior diplomats from the State Department. 
Other agencies to also assess Microsoft hacking incident!
The Microsoft hacking incident acted as a wake-up call, prompting Oregon Senator Ron Wyden to call upon multiple government agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the United States Department of Justice, to take swift and decisive action against Microsoft. 
The Microsoft hacking incident was alleged to be a part of the espionage-driven campaign focusing on data theft and unauthorized access.
While the full extent of the Microsoft hacking incident is yet to be fully quantified, security researchers found that hundreds of thousands of emails were illicitly accessed, exposing sensitive government communications to unauthorized parties.
As the investigations unfold, the spotlight remains on Microsoft’s role in the breach and the broader implications for cloud computing security.
The Cyber Safety Review Board’s thorough exploration of cloud computing risks, along with the lessons drawn from the Microsoft hacking incident will unfold soon and is reported to highlight new mitigations techniques and solutions to ensure better security to the US government, as well as the overall cloud environment.  
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