A hacker forum user is promoting the Cerberus Crypto Drainer, an online tool designed to “streamline the process of draining tokens and NFTs.”
The tool has recently garnered attention within the hacker community as a popular crypto drainer for hackers. Here is a quick look at the Cerberus Crypto Drainer, along with its features, capabilities, and potential applications.
The Cerberus Crypto Drainer, also known as the Cerberus Ultimate Drainer or Cerberus Drainer, is designed to streamline the process of draining tokens and NFTs. The script connects to a wallet, checks and sorts tokens, and then requests a token with a suitable balance for transfer.
Intended as a sophisticated script, this tool connects seamlessly to various wallets, executing a sequence of operations encompassing token assessment, sorting, and strategic transfers of online tokens and NFTs. 
What is Cerberus Crypto Drainer, and how does it work?
Source: Twitter
Operating under the pseudonym CERBERUS, the dark web user allegedly markets the Cerberus Crypto Drainer on a popular hacker forum. Officially called the Cerberus Ultimate Drainer V2, the drainer boasts a repertoire of token manipulation features.
For the uninitiated, a crypto drainer is a malicious file that “functions similarly to e-skimmers by automatically executing transfers of crypto assets,” states a Recorded Future report. These crypto drainers are used on phishing pages, and can be used to masquerade as legitimate crypto service providers. 
According to the user post, the Cerberus Crypto Drainer can check tokens from largest to smallest, and “everything works on subscriptions without changing the network,” making it easily accessible to users. 
With just a few clicks, users can connect their wallets, prompting the script to initiate a comprehensive assessment of tokens. This evaluation led to systematically sorting tokens, prioritizing those with funds and balances.
An interesting feature of the Cerberus Crypto Drainer is its ability to discern tokens suitable for transfer based on predefined criteria.
Tokens with balances exceeding $20 are singled out for potential extraction. Upon receiving user confirmation, the script signs and executes transactions, facilitating seamless transfers to recipient wallets.
Beyond its proficiency in token drainage, the tool extends its prowess to include NFT management.
This dual capability streamlines the extraction of both tokens and NFTs, marking a shift in efficiency for hackers and enthusiasts alike.
Seamless user experience and new dimensions
Recognizing the significance of user experience, the Cerberus Crypto Drainer introduces an intuitive interface with a user-friendly panel. This panel accommodates dynamic drainer settings, affording users unparalleled flexibility in customizing their extraction strategies.
The Cerberus Drainer V2 surpasses its predecessors with multiple improvements and the addition of new smart contracts, fortifying the tool’s connectivity while ensuring a better success rate for the user.
The Cerberus Crypto Drainer can also collaborate with TEAMWORK DRAINER to widen its scope of operations, enabling users to explore endless possibilities. 
With support for over 30 networks, the Cerberus Crypto Drainer boasts itself as a tailed solution for a wide range of blockchain frameworks.
One of its most notable features includes a symbiotic integration with WalletConnect v2 and Blur.io API, which allows it to dive deeper into the crypt funds and NFTs on the users’ accounts.
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