Killmilk, a member of the hacktivist group Killnet has made a declaration on their dark web portal. They claim to have 10000 Killnet members to launch large-scale cyberattacks.
Their targets, as they mentioned, are Western countries implying, that they have a plan to disrupt countless organizations in the near future. The origin of the ‘legion of 10000 infiltrators’ is unknown however, cybersecurity researchers have been reporting about recruitment drives conducted on the dark web for offensive attacks.
The pro-Russian hacker from Killnet mentioned that this is them entering the world war on behalf of the people. “We will fight for your families, for your clan, for your lands. Russia loves you,” the post announcing the 10,000 Killnet legion concluded.
10000 Killnet Members, Military Hackers, and Internal Conflicts
Message posted by Killmilk (Photo: Falcon Feeds/ X)
Threat Intelligence platform Falcon Feeds tweeted about the 10,000 Killnet members with a screenshot of their announcement. Additionally, the researchers mentioned a military hacking company owned by the Killnet collective called Black Skills.
Threat posted by Killnet (Photo: Daily Dark Web/ X)
In another update to the Killnet group on their dark web channel, the hackers were asked to unsubscribe from the “Cyber Special Forces Legion” and get ready within 6 hours. Addressing the same, the dark web monitoring platform Daily Dark Web tweeted that Killnet collective will start attacking within six hours.
Killnet was found blaming the Israeli government for the war in its recent dark web announcements. They wrote, “Back in 2022, you supported the terrorist regime in Ukraine.” “You betrayed Russia,” they added.
The formation of the 10,000 Killnet members, accusations against Ukraine, and the preparation to launch cyberattacks signals rage translated in the form of DDoS attacks on Ukraine and Western countries.
However, certain messages posted by another pro-Russian group, the Cyber Army of Russia point towards conflict between them and Killnet. The Cyber Army of Russia wrote a message that ended with the hashtag #StopKillnet.
Message by the Cyber Army of Russia (Photo: Falcon Feeds/ X)
While Killnet showed its affiliations towards Hamas in the Israel-Hamas conflict, the Cyber Army of Russia demanded that Killnet focus on the Russo-Ukrainian war rather than Israel and Hamas. This was understood from what they wrote about questions asked to their contact bot.
The Cyber Army of Russia wrote that they answered the questions and drew some conclusions about attacks launched by their colleagues.
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