At Avalaunch Media, education is a fundamental part of our mission to Launch Brands, People, and Purposes. Because of this, we strive to give back to the community by encouraging educational opportunities wherever possible. One way we do this is through our in-house Avalaunch Gives Back Scholarship Program. Students who fit the eligibility criteria can apply to win a $2,500 scholarship for their marketing education at any Utah-based college or university. 

This Year’s Scholarship Winner

We recently chose a winner for the Q3 Avalaunch Gives Back Scholarship: Abby Peterson! Here’s what she had to say about what this scholarship means to her:

“I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity to accept this scholarship from Avalaunch Media. I’m inspired by the culture of the company and its emphasis on creating believers.

As I’ve reflected on the concept of the Yeti, I’ve been able to apply it to my future career path and personal life. My degree and what I learn throughout my educational journey will support my passions of leading others, creating successful business operations, and marketing. I’d love to take advantage of opportunities on campus and in the community to inspire others and educate them on these same principles. I hope that as I continue believing, I can influence others to believe in me and in themselves. Thank you, Avalaunch!”

Congratulations, Abby! Your achievement was well-deserved!

Creating Believers

One of our core values at Avalaunch is to “Create Believers,” which is rooted in our dedication to building trust through meaningful results. We know trust is earned, and we do so by focusing not just on metrics but on outcomes that align with our clients’ objectives. Through a transparent, data-driven approach, we strive to build trust by exceeding expectations and delivering impactful results.

Our commitment to creating believers also extends to the community. We’ve forged a distinguished legacy rooted in our steadfast dedication to supporting education and elevating opportunities for future marketers. With our Avalaunch Gives Back Scholarship Program, we invest in the future of marketers and our industry as a whole. As scholarship winners advance in their education and careers, they become believers in their own potential and embody the profound impact of education and opportunity on the marketing industry.

We chose Abby as this quarter’s winner because she believed in herself and her family and friends’ belief in her journey. Watch this video to see what creating a believer in herself means to Abby. 

Invest in Your Future With the Avalaunch Gives Back Scholarship

Are you an aspiring marketing student looking to invest in your education? Apply for the Avalaunch Gives Back Scholarship today! We understand the financial challenges that come with pursuing higher education, and we want to help driven individuals achieve their education goals. 

The financial support of $2,500 can open doors, ease the weight of tuition fees, and empower you to focus on your learning and growth. By applying for this scholarship, you not only invest in yourself but also join our legacy of creating believers! 

How to Apply

Current, full-time students at accredited two-year or four-year Utah colleges and universities can apply. You must be enrolled in a Marketing, Communications, or Creative Arts program emphasizing in marketing. 

Applying is easy! Here’s what you need to do:

Submit a 500-word essay and video

Send your submission to 

Share your submission on your social media

Visit our scholarship page to learn more about the essay and video prompt and to find social media instructions. The deadline for submission is June 30, 2024. We’ll review all submissions and choose one winner. After selection, we’ll reach out to you directly in August 2024. Good luck!