Shipping companies across Europe have been hit by a widespread cyberattack since Thursday afternoon. The assault seems to be a DDOS attack, taking down multiple websites. Currently, IT teams are working diligently to address and resolve the issue.
The Viking Line Cyberattack
Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Senior Vice President of Viking Line, discussed the extensive cyberattack that struck on Thursday. According to HBL, she highlighted that the cyber assault notably affected major shipping companies throughout Europe.
“It appears to be a DDOS cyber attack against shipping companies throughout Europe. The pages are down and our IT department is now working on solving the problem,” Johanna told HBL.
The Cyber Express attempted to contact the company for confirmation of the security incident and additional information following the cyberattack. However, as of writing this report, we received no confirmation from them.
According to news reports, the Viking Line cyberattack seemed to be a DDoS attack that was caused due to an overload on the site. Almost all major shipping companies suffered from the cyberattack.
About Viking Line
Established in the year 1959, Viking Line is a shipping company that provides cruise, cargo and passenger services majorly across the Baltic Sea. They own more than 50 vessels in their fleet for all three categories of services and over 2000 employees at present.
A recent news report quoting a research conducted by law firm HFW said that the shipping industry is an “easy target” for cybercriminals. The same report claimed that there has been an increase in ransomware attacks and a whopping 350% hike in ransom demands on these companies in the past one year.
“Our findings show that while maritime cyber security has improved, the industry remains an easy target. Shipping organisations are being subject to more cyberattacks than ever before, and the cost of attacks and demand for ransom payments have skyrocketed. And as the use of technology continues to increase across all aspects of shipping – from ship networks to offshore installations and shoreside control centres – so does the potential for cybersecurity breaches.”, reported Heavylift PFI, quoting Tom Walters, partner at the Hollman Fenwick Willan, a global law firm.
Incidents like the Viking Line Cyberattack highlight the importance of stringent cybersecurity in the shipping industry. It is time, we start taking cybersecurity across various sectors seriously before things get too bad to handle.
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