Amazon DSP is Amazon’s advertising platform for programmatic display and video advertising. It allows advertisers to reach and target audiences on and off Amazon websites and apps. Contrary to the widely held misconception, Amazon DSP can be used to drive traffic to any website that meets standard editorial and compliance requirements, and not just to Amazon.

Why should you advertise in Amazon DSP?

Advertising on Amazon DSP provides unrivalled access to Amazon’s massive and highly engaged consumer base, as well as accurate targeting, programmatic ad buying, and rich ad formats. It’s an excellent solution for businesses and sellers trying to maximise their visibility and boost conversions, thanks to the ability to reach customers across devices, thorough data, and remarketing opportunities.
While it’s particularly effective for driving sales and conversions, the platform offers various ad formats, targeting options, and audience segments that can be leveraged for branding, awareness, and other marketing goals beyond e-commerce.

What are the main Ad formats on Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP allows three main ad formats: standard web display, video and mobile app banners.
The display and video ads are shown on Amazon and other sites around the web. The mobile app banners are only shown on third-party apps that are part of the network.

What are the creative dimensions for Amazon DSP display ads?

Ad creative on Amazon DSP can be uploaded in the most popular standard display ad sizes available on most ad networks. We find the rectangular formats are most important, though if budget allows, we recommend also producing banner and skyscraper type images.
Desktop Static Display Ads

Ad Placement
Creative Dimension

Medium rectangle
300 x 250 pixels

728 x 90 pixels

Wide skyscraper
160 x 600 pixels

Large rectangle
300 x 600 pixels

1940 x 500 pixels
@2X resolution required for onsite,
800 x 250 pixels (Germany only)

All static desktop ads except the billboard format must be under 40 kb (50 KB in FR, IT, ES, and JP). HTML display ads and the static billboard format can go up to 200 kb. JPG or PNG-8 file formats are accepted.
Mobile Display & In-App Banner Ads

Ad Placement
Creative Dimension
File Specs

Mobile leaderboard
640 x 100 pixels
(2x resolution)
50 kb JPG/PNG-8
100 kb HTML

Mobile leaderboard (tablet)
1456 x 180 pixels
(2x resolution)
200 kb JPG/PNG-8
200 kb HTML

Mobile medium rectangle
600 x 500 pixels
(2x resolution)
40 kb JPG/PNG-8
200 kb HTML

Mobile detail & Search page*
828 x 250 pixels
(2x resolution),
640 x 250 pixels
safe zone required
100 kb

Mobile app leaderboard**
600 x 90 pixels
200 kb

*The Mobile detail & Search results page format is a custom ad size that runs on Amazon mobile web and mobile app shopping only, and is shown at 414 x 125 pixels, though it should be produced at 2x resolution for better quality display on high-res smartphones.
**The Mobile App Leaderboard format is shown on third-party apps only.
You can download Photoshop templates for all Amazon DSP static web ad formats here (.zip file).

What are the streaming TV and online video ad specs?

Online video ads and Streaming TV ads on Amazon DSP are run on Amazon properties as well as third-party sites.
Streaming TV ads are currently only available in the US, UK and Germany. Site serving requires an MP4 video file in pillarbox or letterbox formatting, however, Streaming TV ads with both pillarbox and letterbox in the same ad will not be accepted. These ads are delivered in non-clickable environments, such as on wall-mounted televisions, so they should not include call-to-action elements such as buttons that encourage clicking.

Ad Spec

Max. file size
500 Mb

Aspect ratio

Minimum frame size
1920 x 1080 pixels

Required duration
15s, 20s (DE and UK only) or 30s
required for Amazon Publisher Services (APS) and Amazon O&O.
6s, 15s, 20s, 30s or 60s
recommended for online video on third-party sites.

Recommended video bitrate
8 Mbps

Video frame rate
23.976 fps recommended,
24, 25 or 29.97 accepted

Supported formats
Video: H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4
Audio: PCM or AAC

Interactive Ad Elements (IAE) may be added to include capabilities that change the ad via on-screen engagement or enable engagement on a secondary device such as via a QR code.

What are the best performing web ad sizes on Amazon DSP?

The best-performing ad sizes on Amazon DSP, as with any other retail media or advertising platform, vary depending on the specific campaign objectives and creative assets. However, some common ad sizes that tend to perform well include:

336 x 280 large rectangle,
300 x 250 medium rectangle,
728 x 90 leaderboard,
300 x 600 half page
160 x 600 mobile skyscraper

We recommend testing more ad sizes and formats where budget permits, to ensure you identify the best-performing creative for your campaigns.

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