Amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict, an increasing number of hacktivist collectives are aligning with either side to conduct cyberattacks against the opposing party’s digital infrastructure.
Hacktivist groups, IRoX Team and StarsX Team, have declared their allegiance to Palestine and named the nations backing Israel as their next targets.
The hackers have listed Israel, India, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia as targets due to their support for Israel.
Nations Supporting Israel Named by Hacktivist Groups
The IRoX Team announced a temporary halt to their operations against Brazil, Canada, Poland, and Spain. This pause was referenced as “Schedule Number – 01” in a telegram message circulated among the team members.
Telegram message by IRoX Team (Photo: Daily Dark Web/ X)
Despite the temporary halt due to Schedule-01, cyberattacks targeting other countries that support Israel in its conflict with Palestine continued according to Schedule Number-02, as the message further indicated.
The increase in hacktivist activities occurred in October, following the Hamas-initiated attacks against Israel, which resulted in the death of numerous individuals and the kidnapping of several others.
The Telegram message specified countries supporting Israel, with India, the United Kingdom, and Australia specifically named.
Furthermore, the message condemned those contributing to unrest by backing the Jewish state of Israel, announcing that such supporters would not be spared.
Message left by StarsX Team (Photo: Daily Dark Web/ X)
The hacktivist group StarsX Team has identified France and the USA, in addition to Israel, as targets for their upcoming cyberattacks. Expressing their support for Palestine, StarsX Team stated on Telegram that their intent is to defend the nation’s right to independence.
“We raise the shining flag of Islam, fighting for peace…” wrote StarsX Team in their message. And then accused the said nations supporting Israel for oppressing the Palestinian people and violating human rights.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during a speech to his party’s lawmakers in parliament, stated that Hamas, often labeled as a Palestinian militant group, should not be considered a terrorist organization.
He called Hamas a liberation group that was fighting a battle to protect its land. This statement garnered strong reactions from other nations.
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