The ALPHV ransomware group, known for its audacious cyberattacks on various organizations, has claimed that they have added CBS Eastern Europe to its list of victims. This cyberattack on CBS Eastern Europe has raised concern about the security of sensitive data and the impact of the breach on the company’s operations.
The attack came to light when the hacker behind the ALPHV ransomware group posted a message on a prominent hacking forum. In the message, the hacker criticized CBS Eastern Europe for downplaying the severity of the breach, suggesting that the company’s response was reminiscent of communicating with children.
Cyberattack on CBS Eastern Europe: Valuable Data Compromised
Furthermore, the ALPHV ransomware group revealed that during the cyberattack on CBS Eastern Europe, the company lost a significant amount of valuable data, including blueprints and building plans of their clients.
However, in an alarming twist, the company’s manager reportedly dismissed these documents as unimportant to the organization. Instead of addressing the breach and data loss, the manager allegedly recommended that the hacker shift their focus to more lucrative targets such as casinos.
“These guys think more of themselves than they are. The company lost a lot of blueprints and building plans of their clients. But in the dialog, the company manager said that these are not important documents for them. Instead of solving the problem, suggested to switch to other targets like casinos,” read the post.
Further, the hacker has mentioned preparing a report on the incident to hand over to local news, it is essential for all parties involved, including the affected company and its clients, to take immediate steps to address the breach and mitigate any potential harm.
“This behavior gives the impression of communicating with children. We have prepared a report on the incident and are ready to hand it over to local news. In the meantime, I suggest that journalists contact the company and their clients themselves,” the post further added.

The message from the ALPHV ransomware group has raised questions about the company’s handling of the situation of cyberattacks on CBS Eastern Europe and its commitment to safeguarding sensitive information.
Cyberattack on CBS Eastern Europe: A Reminder of Ongoing Cybersecurity Threats
ALPHV has a notorious reputation in the world of ransomware attacks, having targeted numerous organizations across different sectors. Their motive for singling out CBS Eastern Europe remains uncertain, but it is evident that the cyberattacks on CBS Eastern Europe have raised alarms in the cybersecurity community. This incident highlights the growing concern of cyberattacks targeting not just corporate data but also the potential consequences for clients and business partners.
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