Team Insane PK cyberattack spree has caused disruptions throughout Europe and Asia.
The group, known for its relentless pursuit of data breaches, has emerged on the global cyber warfare scene, leaving a trail of digital disruption in its wake.
In their latest campaign, they have claimed cyberattacks on multiple defense ministries, and government entities globally. 
Team Insane PK hacker group has set its sights on a range of strategic targets across the globe.
Their hit list includes Canada’s armed forces, the UK’s Ministry of Defence, Paraguay’s Ministry of Defence, and India’s Ministry of Defence, among others.
Team Insane PK Cyberattack Spree and Primary Targets
Source: Twitter
Notably, the group’s first wave of attacks, as per the threat actor, successfully compromised Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Fiji, Guatemala, Hungary, and the government portal of Micronesia.
However, another thing to be noted about this Team Insane PK cyberattack spree is that it started a few months ago, and only got attention in October.
Per the trail of Team Insane PK cyberattack posts, on October 28, the Canadian armed forces’ website fell victim to the threat actor. 
Team Insane PK hacker group has honed in on crucial sectors including Defense, Banking, Airports, and Government portals. Their choice of targets highlights a strategic approach aimed at disrupting vital systems.
The group’s tactics involve Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, a technique that inundates a network with traffic, rendering it inaccessible to regular users.
Team Insane PK Cyberattack: Previous Attacks
One of the most high-profile attacks attributed to Team Insane PK hacker group was the successful targeting of Amazon India.
In August, the group proudly declared on Telegram, “Largest Online Shopping site in India has been shut down by Team Insane PK,” accompanied by a screenshot displaying a takedown of the Amazon India website.
According to cybersecurity experts, Team Insane PK hacker group is driven by religious hacktivism, making it a unique force in the cyber warfare landscape.
Their operations have been primarily focused on India, with a particular emphasis on disrupting businesses and government websites.
The group’s tactics have left Indian educational institutes, telecommunications companies, manufacturing firms, and national archives in their crosshairs.
In their latest assault, the Team Insane PK cyberattack has targeted major European government entities and defense ministries. However, these cyberattacks are yet to be confirmed and require an official confirmation from the affected parties. 
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