How to Reduce AI Risks for Your Business
AI is dramatically improving workplace productivity and effectiveness. However, it creates significant risks for organizations.
5 Security Considerations for Generative AI Tool Use

Have a security policy in place: Most organizations have a technology use policy in place but typically do not include directions for AI use. Now they really need to consider security policy implications.
Require disclosure of AI tool usage: Transparency regarding the use of tools with supervisors, IT, stakeholders, and clients is important to maintain integrity and trust within the workplace.
Use encryption to protect information: Limit the sensitive information disclosed in prompts and results. Tools are available to protect incoming and outgoing information when using generative AI. 43 percent of workers said they don’t know how to leverage generative AI using trusted data sources while keeping first-party data secure.
Assess output information: AI tools are not a replacement for humans. Errors such as a misunderstood prompt or providing outdated or biased information can happen. Results should be reviewed to prevent issues.
Provide mandated training: Invest in the necessary training for your employees. To get the best results with generative AI tools, training for effective prompt writing, mitigating security risks, and result optimization is essential.

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What is Included in our Generative AI Courses?
Our Generative AI Courses offer your team comprehensive insights into AI fundamentals, covering the basics of what it is and its functionality. The courses dive into optimization strategies to unleash the full capabilities of AI tools. Participants will learn to use these tools effectively and securely,  safeguarding themselves and the organization.
You get online training plus downloadable resources to support your implementation.
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