The Ash Center has posted a series of twelve essays stemming from the Second Interdisciplinary Workshop on Reimagining Democracy (IWORD 2023).

Aviv Ovadya, Democracy as Approximation: A Primer for “AI for Democracy” Innovators
Kathryn Peters, Permission and Participation
Claudia Chwalisz, Moving Beyond the Paradigm of “Democracy”: 12 Questions
Riley Wong, Privacy-Preserving Data Governance
Christine Tran, Recommendations for Implementing Jail Voting: Identifying Common Themes
Niclas Boehmer, The Double-Edged Sword of Algorithmic Governance: Transparency at Stake
Manon Revel, Can We Talk? An Argument for More Dialogues in Academia
Aditi Juneja, Ensuring We Have A Democracy in 2076
Nick Couldry, Resonance, Not Scalability
Jon Evans, Experimentocracy
Nathan Schneider, Democracy On, Not Just Around, the Internet
Eugene Fischer, The Enrichment and Decay of Ionia

We are starting to think about IWORD 2024 this December.