Atlanta-based Cyble Inc. has once again made waves in the cybersecurity industry. The trailblazing AI-powered threat intelligence platform secured a coveted position among the Top 100 AI Startups funded by Y Combinator, a prestigious startup accelerator known for nurturing revolutionary ventures. This latest recognition reaffirms Cyble’s position as a frontrunner in leveraging artificial intelligence to combat evolving cyber threats effectively.
Founded in 2019 by industry veterans Manish Chachada and Beenu Arora, Cyble Inc. has quickly risen to prominence for its unparalleled threat intelligence solutions. With a mission to empower organizations worldwide to proactively safeguard their digital assets, Cyble provides comprehensive coverage across adversaries, infrastructure, exposure, weaknesses, and targets.
Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, Cyble Inc. boasts a global presence with offices strategically located in key regions across the globe, including Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and India.
Cyble’s innovative AI-powered platform offers real-time visibility into data from the dark web, surface web, and deep web, enabling enterprises to detect and mitigate digital risks before they escalate into full-scale cyberattacks. This proactive approach to cybersecurity has garnered praise from industry experts and clients alike, positioning Cyble as a trusted partner in the fight against cyber threats.
In response to the announcement, Beenu Arora, co-founder of Cyble Inc., expressed gratitude to the dedicated team, loyal customers, and invaluable partners. “Being recognized in the Top 100 AI Startups list by Y Combinator is a testament to the innovative work Cyblers are doing in threat intelligence,” remarked Arora in a LinkedIn post.
“We owe this achievement to our amazing team, customers, and partners who have been instrumental in our journey. The best is yet to come!” he added, highlighting Cyble’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence in cybersecurity.
Cyble Inc. Consistent Acknowledgment
This latest accolade adds to Cyble’s impressive array of achievements, including its recent inclusion in Forbes’ prestigious list of America’s Best Startup Employers for 2024. This recognition not only highlights Cyble’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and supportive workplace culture but also highlights its role as a catalyst for innovation in the cybersecurity industry.
Furthermore, Cyble’s stellar performance has been consistently acknowledged by industry experts and investors. In December 2023, the company was honored among the distinguished Top Security Startups of 2023 by Y Combinator, further solidifying its reputation as a pioneer in cybersecurity innovation.
In November 2023, Cyble secured a substantial US$30.2 million Series B funding round, supplemented by an additional US$6.2 million in the second tranche. This significant investment reflects investor confidence in Cyble’s rapid growth trajectory and its potential to make a lasting impact in the cybersecurity landscape. With this strategic infusion of capital, Cyble is poised for expansive growth, bolstering its market presence and advancing its technological offerings to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.
As the importance of cybersecurity continues to escalate in the digital age, Cyble remains steadfast in its mission to provide cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to protect their digital assets proactively.
With a track record of success, a dedicated team of experts, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Cyble is well-positioned to shape the future of cyber threat intelligence and lead the charge against emerging digital risks.
At last, Cyble’s inclusion in the Top 100 AI Startups Funded by Y Combinator reinforces its position as a beacon of innovation and quality in the cybersecurity space.
With a commitment to innovation, a focus on customer success, and a dedication to advancing the area of cybersecurity, Cyble is set to continue its successful path and make a major difference in the fight against cyber threats.